the one thing you need to focus on 


While you were doing Score Your Startup, you probably noticed some things that you hadn't thought about before. 

Well the good news is, you don't have to do everything in Score Your Startup right now.

You are going to have more success and you are going to move faster if you focus on the right thing for where your startup is at right now.

Hi! I'm Susan Jones, the Founder of Ready Set Startup and the creator of Score Your Startup.
I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs to build life-transforming, world changing, profitable startups without putting their family at risk or giving away a big percentage of their company to someone else.
So what should YOU be focusing on?
Well, we all know time is money. 

So unless you have investors or you have a trust fund behind you, getting revenue in the door should be your number one priority .
But what you need to do to generate revenue is different depending on your startup stage.
There's 4 startup stages a business goes through before it becomes established...
  •  The Idea Development stage
  •  The Product Development Stage
  •  The Customer Development stage
  •  The Business Model Development Stage
It's crucial that you know which stage you are in and what you need to be doing in that stage.
So, I've put together a Quick Start Guide to show you exactly what you need to focus on to generate revenue in your startup stage.

Here's what's included:
A roadmap of the 4 startup stages
that will explain the key problem, key focus, key activities, key skills and key resources for each stage.

A tool to identify your stage
so you know exactly where you are in the startup journey and

4 checklists of key steps - one for each stage.
You can use these to 
 ○ Spend your time on the things that will move your business towards profitability the quickest.
 ○ Go back and fill in anything you missed out on in a previous stage which is keeping you stuck.
 ○ When you're done with the current stage you'll know exactly what to do next.

If you've been struggling with shiny object syndrome or  
you're feeling overwhelmed or 
you are feeling confused about the roadmap to profitability   
Then you need this Quick Start guide, because it will:
  •  Enable you to be really focused about what your spending your time on each day, and how to plan for your business
  •  It's also super helpful in pinpointing the major obstacles you might be struggling with and what you should do to move past them.
  •  But THE major benefit is that you can get rid of this huge list of stuff that you 'should' be doing to build your business and instead spend 80% of your time and energy on the key things that will create revenue and move you to the next stage.
I'll be doing a longer, more comprehensive training on this soon, but it's not available yet.
But I didn't want to leave you in the lurch, so I've put together this Quick Start guide to help you move your business forward. 

So grab it while you can for the crazy low price of $9-.
Just fill out the form below and you'll be taken to a member's area where the framework will be available for you to start using immediately.
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"Starting a successful business isn’t about luck and doesn't have to be a leap of faith. 

Susan's genius, proven, process means less time and money wasted executing on hunches, and more profit in founder’s pockets faster.
Kathy Ver Eecke, Startup Advisor, Founder,
"'I don't believe in Science or Math being behind success of any startup. But there are these 'things' that increase the probability of success. 

As a first time entrepreneur, I wasn't sure what these 'things' are. Susan and her program solves this one problem and solves it very well. 

Susan Jones' program has helped me identify, highlight and prioritize areas that I need to focus on before and during starting up. It has definitely helped me get 'ready' and confident to start my business and I feel a lot better about my venture, Inside Sales On Demand, already which is seeing a ton of traction. 

I was also fortuitous in being able to get into a one on one with her and can vouch for the width and depth in her knowledge and insight working with numerous startups and think that just working with her will improve your chances of success as a startup-tepreneur.'
Raj Nadar, Founder, Inside Sales On Demand
The Revenue Driven Startup

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